Fish and vegetable farming has already gone high-rise in land-scarce Singapore. Now, another type of farming has gone vertical.

When the first harvest from Universal Aquaculture’s Tuas South Link facility is ready come June, the sweet, juicy flesh of live vannamei prawns will be much easier to get hold of.

For a start, the farm will be able to produce between 150kg and 200kg a day of the crustacean – also known as Pacific white shrimp, white-legged shrimp, king prawn, or bai xia. [Full Story: The Straits Times]

OCEANUS Group has invested an undisclosed amount in Universal Aquaculture, a newly formed deep-tech company with an indoor farming facility.

Through this investment, Oceanus will focus on breeding Vannamei prawns, said the seafood and fast-moving consumer goods value-chain manager in a regulatory update on Saturday. [Full Story: The Business Times]

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